About Us

DataStreamX helps unleash the power of the world's data. We strive to provide a delightful marketplace experience that connects suppliers of data and consumers of data 

Our Vision

We see an intelligent world where data flows between companies and across silos. We are growing of the data economy and enabling innovation around real-time data-stream.

Our Philosophy

Data is necessary to unlock new innovation and build a stronger and wiser planet. By using historic data, analysts can evaluate the past and better understand our future. However, improving decision-making requires access to many data points, all in real-time.

DataStreamX facilitates the flow of data. We allow organizations to monetize their data products while providing access to new sources of data for companies, developers, data scientists, academics and beyond.

Marketplace Principles


Data is valuable and must be protected. At DataStreamX we focus on ensuring data streams hosted by us are only accessed by those granted permission. Our hosting infrastructure is MTCS Level 3 compliant, ensuring the overall security of every hosted stream on our platform.


By opening the real-time data economy we look to work with both the buyers and sellers to foster innovation around real-time data. We work directly with data providers to commercialize high-quality data products available around the globe and with data buyers to identify the highest demand for commercial data.


The value of data is directly related to its richness, rarity, and reliability. We work with top real-time data providers to create robust data products that will be available in our market place. With our focus on both buyers and sellers, we are well-suited to have the best data products for next-gen applications, dashboards, and analytics.

Our Team