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DataStreamX is proud to release Quadrant Protocol - a blueprint for mapping decentralized data. Visit the website here to learn more.

The DataStreamX platform provides Buyers with access to high-value data sets across industries and borders, while enabling Vendors to easily increase revenue.

Global Access

Global Access

Gain access to a worldwide base of buyers and sellers.
Point & Click Transactions

Point & Click Transactions

Executive deals instantly with standardized legals, transparent pricing and automatic billing.
Easy Implementation

Easy Implementation

Simple, one-time set-up enables organizations to scale both sales and consumption.

The Data Economy 2.0

Improvements made possible with Quadrant Protocol

Data Delivery Assurance

Advanced data delivery and authentication tools developed by Quadrant guarantees 100%  authenticate data delivery to the Consumer.

Decentralized Data Enhancement

Data feeds are fed into Quadrant Protocol, opening them up to be enhanced with AI or analytics, and resultant data offered as new Smart Data Contracts.

Dual Verification Layer

Transactions are verified on Quadrant Protocol's private chain and recorded on public blockchains, creating irrefutable proof of data ownership and authenticity.

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Thomson Reuters
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The New Data Economy

Who is this solution for?

Data Vendors

Individuals or businesses that have data that can be packaged and productized

Value Add Resellers

External parties that increase the value of data by processing and extracting new information from data

Analytics and Consulting

The traditional consumers of data, whose need for data is varied and growing

Data Consumers

Individuals or businesses that have need for external data to supplement internal  processes

Artificial Intelligence Practitioners

The biggest group of Data Consumers in the coming years, with varying data needs

Atomic Data Providers

Original creators of data which is then aggregated and sold by Data Vendors

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