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DataStreamX is a blockchain-enabled data authenticity and transaction network, built to power next-gen Artifical Intelligence and Analytics

Enhancing Data Authenticity and Provenance

We process billions of records of data daily. We know strengths of the data economy, and where the data economy needs to improve. Working together with the ecosystem of data buyers and data vendors, our goal is to create a trusted data economy where data sources are authentic and provenance can be established.

Our conviction in this trusting and fluid data economy makes us continually push the boundaries of trusted data distribution and consumption on a global scale.

Innovation at DataStreamX

Creating the next generation of the Data Economy

Data Authenticity via Stamping

Irrefutable proof of data ownership stored via the chain. Consumer gets access to provenance of data within the network in case of disagreement.

Smart Data Contracts

Two-way smart data contracts connects Data Consumers and Vendors with matching data needs. The Consumer gets the best data for their project quicker than before.

Micro-Payments to Data Producers

Top-layer Smart Data Contracts trigger corresponding lower-level contracts via utility tokens. Data Producers are ensured of rightful compensation.

Distributed Economy

DataStreamX believes in an open and trusting data economy that sustains itself with agents that are compliant and trustworthy.

The Data Economy 2.0

Improvements for a trusted network

Data Delivery Assurance

Advanced data delivery protocols gurantee 100% data delivery to the Consumer. With powerful tools to authenticate delivery , DataStreamX makes manual delivery verification a simple process.

Decentralized Data Enhancement

Data feeds can be enhanced with AI or analytics, with resultant data offered as new Smart Data Contracts.

Dual Verification Layer

Transactions are verified on our private chain and recorded on public blockchains. DataStreamX assures irrefutable proof of data ownership and authenticity with its chain architecture.

Token Functionality

The ERC20 standard DataStreamX Token serves as utility tokens in our decentralized network

Data Vendors

Data Producers and Vendors pay with DSX token to have their data stamped onto the Blockchain, and then submit the data to the chain.

DataStreamX Blockchain

Broker Nodes regulate the network, and are compensated with DSX token as they create blocks in the blockchain, perform transformation processes, or create new data products. 
Anchor Clients monitor the network for updates, and are paid in DSX token when they anchor DSX block hashes onto the public Ethereum Blockchain.

Data Consumer Client

Data Consumers purchase data products from the DataStreamX platform, and can verify authenticity of data products on the using the chain.

Token Sale Mechanism

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Technology Roadmap

The Data Economy

Who is this solution for?

Data Vendors

Individuals or businesses that have data that can be packaged and productized

Value Add Resellers

External parties that increase the value of data by processing and extracting new information from data

Analytics and Consulting

The traditional consumers of data, whose need for data is varied and growing

Data Consumers

Individuals or businesses that have need for external data to supplement internal  processes

Artificial Intelligence Practitioners

The biggest group of Data Consumers in the coming years, with varying data needs

Atomic Data Providers

Original creators of data which is then aggregated and sold by Data Vendors

Our Team


Mike Davie

Founder & CEO

A technologist at heart, Mike has made significant contributions in the fields of communication technology and data science, having worked with some of the major players in the industry and being the master mind behind DataStreamX, the world's first online marketplace for real-time data.


Barkha Jasani

Director of Engineering

With over 8 years of experience in software development, Barkha leads the end-to-end development of the platform. Currently she is involved in architecting the blockchain solution and ERC20 token contracts.


Sharique Azam

Big Data & Blockchain Engineer

A big data expert, Sharique has mastered the various processes, methods, and technologies involved in the collection, transformation, and management of data. Sharique now is leading the core development of our private blockchain and distributed applications.


Roger Ganga

Data Scientist

As DataStreamX's in-house data science guru, Roger is responsible for the machine learning and data science operations of the company, and is now part of our blockchain development as he prototypes Smart Data Contracts. Prior to DataStreamX, Roger was working on decision science projects at Mu Sigma Inc.


Marlina Farhin

Frontend Developer

Marlina's core strengths are her technical and design abilities. Her impressive design skills and creative taste make her a top-notch front-end design developer. She is responsible for revamping, designing, and developing DataSteamX's responsive sites and spearheads the creation of front-end standards.


Navas Khan

Head of Marketing

Navas' marketing savvy enables him to contribute to the growth and expansion, both of the companies and the clients he works with. He also has a passion for learning, which translates to a work ethic that promotes and fosters knowledge sharing. His knowledge of the big data industry, along with the trends and advancements in it make him a key contributor to DataStreamX's efforts in educating people about the data economy and the opportunities within it.


Hari Krishnan

Strategic Growth Advisor

CEO of PropertyGuru

Krishnan is a seasoned business leader and an entrepreneurship expert. He has led the growth of various technology companies and in 2016 joined PropertyGuru Group as its CEO and as a member of its Board of Directors. He manages the company’s strategy and corporate direction focusing on consumers, innovation, and leadership.


Jeremy Seow

Market Advisor


Jeremy is a Partner at ChainRock. Before ChainRock, Jeremy worked as a Senior Product Manager at Zendesk where he built and shipped the Zendesk Message product. Jeremy joined Zendesk as a result of their acquisition of the chat startup Zopim where he was the Director of Sales and oversaw all of sales and marketing as the startup grew from 50,000 users to 200,000 users.


Everett Leonidas

Corporate Partnerships Advisor

VC at Aviva Ventures

Everett is a professional investor and business development specialist in both large enterprise and start-up with 6 years in corporate finance, 5 years in tech companies, and 3 in corporate ventures. He is an expert in corporate strategy, business design, new product go-to-market, and ecosystem development. He serves as board advisor or mentor to several disruptive B2B start-ups worldwide.


Benedict Chan

Technical Advisor

Director of Engineering, BitGo

Benedict heads Engineering at BitGo and has been developing blockchain platforms and wallet applications since 2012. He founded Ether.li, the world's first multi-signature web wallet for Ethereum. Ben advises the team on wallets, smart contracts, scalability solutions and other technical aspects.

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