Mobile Network Intelligence

With DataStreamX's mobile operator competitive intelligence data, learn more about your competitors’ market strengths and areas where you can gain share.


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Want to learn more about your competitors?

With the use of location data, gain insights on your competitors and your market. Identify areas where you can differentiate and enhance your products and services.

Use Cases
Improve sales operations

Improve Sales Strategies

 With the use of granular geohashed data, identify the regions where you need to improve your sales efforts

Market better

Increased Customer Knowledge

Create accurate and comprehensive customer profiles based on mobile data. Cater to each profile’s needs and preferences by providing the right applications and services.

Network planning

Comprehensive Network planning

Strategically plan and design your networks based on where your clients and competitors are. Identify and address service gaps to improve customer satisfaction.

Understand your market…
Competitive landscape by 1.6km x 0.6km geohash

Where your competitors and their users are located (1.6km x 0.6km GeoHash

Get the most accurate and detailed location information on your competitors and their users in 1.6km by 0.6km geohashes

Most active applications

What the most used applications are

Identify the most popular applications per location

Active wifi vs 4G areas

How operators and users offload data

Understand whether mobile operators and mobile device users prefer to connect to the Internet via Wifi or 4G connections